Tips for completing the game Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Passing Game #040

Machine # 3 - War Plans
Full Synchronization: Kill the overseer.
Location: Central District

Go to the marked location and use your Eagle Eye to locate your target. When you find the overseer, grab the edge. In fact, you will be able to observe the victim.

When the soldier turns around, select his target, kick him in the back and kill him. After the execution, run away and go to the marked place.

Machine #3 - Free Cannon
Full synchronization: Open one of the first three gates.

First, go to the marked place. Avoid all the guards by going underwater.

When you get there, talk to this person and follow him. Beware of the gondola - you will lose sync when you touch it. The boat will take you to a tunnel located under the castle. Overtake him, kill the soldier at the gate, and climb to the ceiling.

Jump using wooden sticks and avoid all the soldiers. Soon you will get to another gate. Try to stay close to the boat all the time. At the passage you will meet another guard.

Kill him, climb the wall and kill the person on the other side. After execution, use the mechanism to get full synchronization.

Now you can stay close to the boat. Kill all the guards, open the gate until you get to a place where the ceiling is much lower.

Swim next to the boat and try to avoid all the guards by going under the water. You can kill your enemies, but it's very risky. When you get to the closed gate, turn left, dive and swim under the bridge. Do the same with the next obstacle, but this time avoid the guards. Don't forget to breathe from time to time - when Ezio does it on his own, you won't be able to dive for a couple of seconds. When you get to the last gate, climb the wall on the right and use the mechanism.

On the other hand, use the ladder located on the right. Under the ceiling you will find sticks, and you will be able to pass on. In a cell with two guards, jump on the sticks located on the right. You will get to the third soldier. Kill him and open the next door.

Soon you will find a way out of the channels. Kill all the enemies and jump on Leonardo's car, and then to a higher level.

Find the plans and burn them.

Go to the east, where you will find a mechanism that can lift chests. Use them to jump up, kill the guard and get closer to the glowing point. Homemade porn USA.