What causes Acne

When the sebaceous glands of our body lose their usual rhythm and sebum, which should protect our skin, begins to reduce its bactericidal properties, and the coccoid flora is activated. As a result, we get an inflammatory process that flows into boils, pimples, acne and other unpleasant things. All these manifestations are called acne.
As far as nutrition and acne are related, many do not see a direct connection between nutrition and the appearance of acne. However, the connection can be made, although not direct, but indirect. Proper nutrition, in general, has a beneficial effect on the body and on the skin in particular. If you are susceptible to food allergies, then your body will react to the food you eat and one of the signs of allergies will be acne.
Sex life and acne, many sin against the hormone testosterone, it can really become a source of acne, but only when your body produces it in excess, this failure most often occurs during puberty. And so neither a stormy sex life, nor its complete absence, nor how it affects the appearance of acne. The main thing is not to lead a promiscuous sex life, otherwise you can get a very unpleasant bouquet of sexually transmitted diseases.
Dirt and acne, is there any connection, yes, unless you are allergic to dirt, and in general dirt is not a direct source of acne, and even the black dots that appear on our face are not dirt and dust, but again internal processes that lead to clogged pores. Do not wash your face with cleaning products more than 1 time per day, this approach to cleanliness will only lead to the opposite effect, your skin will lose its own protective fat layer, become dry, irritated and inflamed.
But in women, the appearance of acne and the menstrual cycle is very much connected, it's just that in some it is no longer noticeable, and in some the acne rash is noticeably more noticeable. The reason again lies in hormones, which are produced in noticeably greater quantities before each cycle. Pregnancy also does not contribute to the disappearance of acne, although during pregnancy all symptoms may disappear, and after the birth of the baby, they often return again, or the number of pimples on the contrary increases greatly and passes the same way only after pregnancy.
Sweat and high humidity affect the appearance of acne, this is because when a person sweats, moisture seals the pores, thereby causing inflammation. Cosmetics can also worsen the condition of the skin, especially in people prone to skin rashes. Avoid fat-based cosmetics, it provokes clogging of pores, you also need to be careful with tanning oils. You can find here Australian australian mobile casinos best real money pokies