Tips for Completing Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico - Basic Tasks # 014

Please note that the central tank has not collapsed. You'll have to push him personally. However, before that happens, take care of the enemies that appeared on the left. Due to the fact that you no longer need a rocket launcher, you can use it to eliminate oncoming vehicles. Head to the Baku indicated on the map. If you want, you can use a super attack called El Toro, thanks to which you will get rid of almost all the enemies you encounter.

When you reach the goal, go to the stairs leading up. On the next floors, of course, you will meet new enemies. After the end of the fight, go to the green hatch and press the use button to push the tank. A short screensaver will start and you will pass this level.

Industrial Zone

Taking advantage of this opportunity, it would be good to explore the entire industrial area. As before, I would advise you to focus on collecting various items (dots, icons, etc.) and joining the mini-games already described. Remember that as you accumulate more points, you will be able to afford new actions (shooting from two pistols), you will also increase the chances of performing the right combo combination (extended adrenaline bar). I will mention just a few of the most interesting places that, from my point of view, you should pay special attention to.

Please note that you cannot temporarily join any of the main missions. To change this state of things, you will need to pass at least one additional test (Point Challenge). However, before that happens, I would advise you to thoroughly explore the entire area, starting with the landfill. Pay attention to the trailer located near the launch pad. Inside you will find a save point and a first aid kit. At the dump you will also meet interesting jumps, various icons and be able to start one of the mini-games that you have already met. You can also steal a tractor parked in a landfill that you can make friends with. This car will also appear in the following game missions. Due to the fact that it is controlled a little differently, I would advise you to do a few test "circles" around the area.

You will probably notice bonuses at higher levels. To get to them, I would suggest using a truck. Having stolen the car, put it in the right place, climb to the roof and jump off it to the right platform. The dump has two exits - one leads to the beach, the other directly to the street. However, in both cases you will stay in an industrial area.

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