Are berets suitable for everyone or not?

Are berets suitable for everyone or not?
Berets are especially relevant this spring. And for the fall of this year, they are also perfect. Yes, it takes a special headdress by itself, not suitable for every beautiful lady. But if you choose the right shape and clothes, then without a doubt, you will be able to follow the fashion in one step. The berets themselves are completely different, in shape, material, binding, and so on. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the facial features. Elongated berets that go down like a hood are suitable for everyone with round facial features, the beret itself, while it should not be too massive and dense in structure. It is best if it is crocheted, made of thin threads. Small berets, almost without volume, are suitable for representatives with small facial features and not a large physique. Here, the fabric or knitting can be any, both dense and very thin. The main point is the color scheme, there are no drawings this season, monochrome tones are in trend. Choosing a beret, do not forget that this headdress must be combined, not with a bag, not with shoes, but with a coat, jacket, outerwear on fabric. If you are picking up under a coat, then the material of the beret should be similar in appearance to the coat. Naturally, the color should be tone to tone, it's great if you pick up an umbrella in a color scheme to match the color of the beret. But we pick up a scarf for a handbag and shoes. Jewelry on the headdress is acceptable, these are rhinestones, a brooch, inserts in the "Vintage" style are possible, but plain. The game can only be based on the structure of knitting, material, stripes.
It is very fashionable this year to complement such an image with various glasses, where the frame plays an important role. Glasses should not be too dark, and large. A thin frame, beautifully decorated, individually or to order, will make the style special. Rectangular shapes of glasses, pointed, and slightly rounded ends are coming into fashion again. Oval shapes are also quite relevant. The frame can be any color, the main thing is that it would be present in your outfit. Rectangular shapes of glasses look very rich if they are set in silver or gold!
Accessories should not be provocative, and not too voluminous. The image of a girl in a beret, always romantic, poetic, airy. It is this image and style, it is impossible to imagine, defiant, screaming, on the contrary, it is calm and gentle, mysterious.
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