Hyperactive child. What to do?

It is impossible not to notice such children. If they say that there are people-holidays, then such children are children of disaster. Their appearance is accompanied by noise and fuss, the baby does not sit still for a second, is constantly on the move, and sometimes completely ignores the words addressed to him. It's like he doesn't hear his parents. He lives in his super fast and active rhythm of life. Why? Yes, because he is not an ill-mannered kid at all, but just a hyperactive child. How to find a common language with such a child and minimize the harmful features of his behavior, we will talk with you today.In recent years, the number of hyperactive children who are born on our planet has increased several dozen times. And this is not surprising at all. Take a look at the rhythm of life in which we live, we are constantly in a hurry somewhere. And future moms? Due to various life circumstances, they sometimes continue to lead an excessively active lifestyle until the last days of pregnancy, earning money and taking an active part in various social events and events. As a result, such restless children are born. This is one of the versions explaining the reasons for the behavior of such children.A stricter medical view explains such increased activity in children by an overabundance of some hormones and substances over others and disorders in the central nervous system. In Europe, it is even practiced to prescribe a special medical course of treatment, among such medicines there are even amphi vitamins. In our country, drug treatment is applied to such children only in extreme cases, everything is limited to either preventive measures or work with a psychologist. And in recent years, the effect of dolphin therapy in the treatment and correction of such children gives the best results - children become more attentive, gentle and calm.What are the main symptoms of hyperactivity? First of all, this is not calmness and fussiness in movements and behavior, increased motor activity against the background of impaired age-related development of fine motor skills, lack of concentration and inability to concentrate on a specific subject or task for a long time, in certain cases nervousness and outbursts of aggression. Therefore, such children with difficulty (or with effort) cope with ordinary household tasks that do not cause difficulties for their peers, and at school they are accompanied by a trail of discontent and misunderstanding of teachers. Such children later begin to speak and, according to their development, lag behind more calm and balanced children by thirty percent in their development. Another feature of such children is their increased sweating.There are three main types of hyperactivity manifestations:- hyperactivity in parallel with attention deficit, - attention deficit without hyperactivity, - hyperactivity without attention deficit.But! dear parents, you should not try to make such a diagnosis yourself to your child, relying only on the peculiarities of his behavior and development. If there are any doubts about the possibility of making such a diagnosis, it is better to consult a neurologist (even a psychologist does not have the right to make such a diagnosis!).Do not also despair if your child has been diagnosed with this particular diagnosis. Your child is not defective or sick, he is just special. In order to understand how special he is (and also very talented and extraordinary), history and medicine cite the following personalities as an example - Bill Gates (the one!) and Einstein suffered from manifestations of hyperactivity in their lives.What is the right way to behave with such a special child?- It is not necessary to "break" the child and force him to behave like other, calmer children. Accept your mobile child as a gift of fate.- Never use shouting and physical force to calm the child and stop - this will only harden and frighten him.- Everything he does, he does not do to spite you at all, but because he can't and can't do anything else.- If you want to teach your baby something, you will need more calmness and patience.- Such children are very quickly and easily mentally excited and become uncontrollable. Try not to allow an extreme degree of excitement, smoothly smoothing out the sharp corners in behavior and switching the baby's attention to calmer and not dangerous activities.- When the child does not react to your words, just repeat it calmly again, he really does not hear you because he is carried away and this is not a manifestation of harmfulness and whims.- Explain to the child what is good and what is bad.- Treat the daily routine with due respect - this will save your baby from nervous breakdowns and overwork, but will give stability and reliability to his perception of the world.- TV is your first enemy! If you allow your kid to watch cartoons, then control both the viewing time and the cartoon plot.- Teach your child to think about the consequences of their overly active behavior. After all, a loving mother will not always be there to protect her from falling and broken knees.With a competent upbringing and a wise psychological approach, your hyperactive special baby will be able to adapt to the rhythm of life around him. You just need to gain love and patience. For residents of the US, UK and Australia porn online ExPornToons the best resource for adult videos, if you know what I mean.