What makes Palants make?

Palantines are a stylish accessory for any woman. They have a rectangular shape. Its length can be different. Modern steamers are two meters long, and their width varies from fifty to seventy -five centimeters.

Such an accessory will be able to complement the elegant image. But easily can replace any sweatshirt from knitwear or, for example, a sweater. Undoubtedly, your appearance will be more spectacular if you are dressed in a shirt and trousers, and there will be a steamer on your shoulders, not a sweater. Moreover, their diverse color schemes allow you to choose a steamer for any image.

These accessories differ in their composition. Undoubtedly, from natural fabrics, the stoles look more noble and luxurious. And also they are much better. The softest products are obtained from Pashmin. This is the fluff of mountain goats, they are bred in Mongolia (seventy -five percent of universal production), even in India, Iran, and Australia.

He is not cut, like wool, but combed. And they do it manually. By the way, palantins are also manually weaving. The thread from this fluff is five times thinner and much warmer than the sheep's wool. Such a steamer will be very soft and warm. Caring for it is very delicate: when striking, it is necessary to use water with a temperature of twenty degrees, you can not twist, dry without hanging.

For palantins, they use still flax as raw materials. The products are very light due to the use of high -quality long -fiber raw materials. Silk is added to the composition. This is necessary so that the fabric is less crumpled and shine slightly. The fabric is pleasant to the body, warms in the cold and absorbs moisture well. Such stoles are unique in that they can protect against viruses.

During the tissue dressing, a natural antibiotic (penicillin) is produced in it, which is not washed out during washing. Having wound the product around the neck, you may not think about viral infections. A variety of colors of products allows you to choose such a steamer for any image. It is better to use it with things made of natural fabrics, since all the sophistication of the stole will be emphasized, and artificial fabrics are “muffled”.

Products made of wool look elegant, and they are very warm and do not think. In them, it happens, weave a thread from Lurex. They gives the palactin high cost and luxury.

Palantine will be a good warm accessory for an office worker, where it is inappropriate to wear a sweater. And just a beautiful, warming thing in your wardrobe. Albury Wodonga TV Antennas installation https://www.matrixonline.com.au/albury-wodonga-antenna-installation/ masters.