Review of the film "Black Clan"

Spike Lee was known for many years as a socio-political director, depicting an angry Afro-American view of racial relations in the United States. It is enough to mention Malcolm X. After a long period of creative stagnation, whether it returns in good shape with bitter comments about the activities of the Ku-Klux-Clan and racist prejudices that are deeply rooted in America.
The Black Clan received the Grand Prix at the Cannes festival, and many spectators saw in it a worthy candidate for the Golden Palma. The shape of the film can be easily described as a grotesque drama, if not for the fact that in some of its aspects a curved mirror of reality is real.
The script is partially based on the memoirs of a retired African-American police officer Ron Stalluort, who became a full member of the clan in the 1970s. This is the only case in the history of this racist organization when she accepted a black American.
The actions of Stal Luort were completely conscious from the very beginning. Then he worked as a detective in the city of Colorado-Springs, and his task was to open the clan cell in the state. Of course, as a person with a dark skin color, Stal Luort spoke with the clan members only by phone and sent to a meeting as a replacement of white undercover. Theoretically, this looked promising, but the mystification began to become more complicated over time.
The autobiographical memoirs of Stal Luort are only a starting point for the original thoughts of Spike Lee. When viewing, you must always remember that the viewer deals with the feature film, and not with the document. As a co -author and director, Lee expands the history of the policeman with additional figures and levels.
The philosophy of the superiority of the whites, expressed by the Ku-Klux-plane, finds a counterweight in the African American movement Black Power. Stalluort begins to flirt with the president of the organization of black students at a local university and quickly encounters a dilemma of loyalty in relation to these groups.
Lee not only abruptly stops the fate of Stal Luort, but also gives it a modern tone. The local group of the clan members is initially shown as a group of aggressive semi -sparesters, whose true power is relatively small, although plans are ambitious. In the film, there is an assumption that for many years American society unintentionally allowed the extremist figures of that time to become political power. As is known from history, the duke was later elected to the Senate of the state in Louisian, and willingly spoke at rallies of white nationalists and directly spoke with enthusiastically reacting crowds.
Lee avoids attracting stars of the first magnitude. The three most important roles are played by John David Washington (son of Denzel), Adam Driver and Laura Harrier. Sometimes the film is funny, sometimes serious, and sometimes terrible. Everything is like in life. Best Dating Websites To Find Your Love online with real reviews..