What Is The Difference Between Carpet Cleaners And Carpet Extractors?

Having a carpet comes with the maintenance in question. The main thing is that you cannot ignore dirt, dust, stains, and allergens like pet dander on the carpet, which needs cleaning. So, for cleaning, what will you use? Isn’t it a difficult choice? By the way, hiring a professional Carpet Cleaning in Seven Hills solves all your carpet related problems. But before you call for a cleaning professional, let us understand the difference between carpet cleaners and carpet extractors.

What is a carpet cleaner?

Carpet cleaners are the most commonly used device when it comes to regular cleaning. However, it varies in terms of usage and power to clean. The primary function of a carpet cleaner is to clean with heating technology, vacuum, and dry wash it. In most cases, homeowners use it for maintenance purposes as carpet cleaners are suitable for minor stains.

What is Carpet Extractor?

A carpet extractor is a machine that uses hot water, soap or chemicals, a scrub brush, and potent suction to pull out the deeply ingrained dirt while carpet and upholstery cleaning. The carpet extractor ensures that all stains are extracted from the carpet’s surface, and your carpet looks new again. If you call a professional carpet cleaning in Seven Hills, they use portable extractors, truck mount, rotary extractors, etc., for deeply embedded stains.

Understanding the difference between the cleaners and extractors:

Let us take an example to understand the difference between them. If your carpet doesn’t get heavy foot traffic, then consider cleaner. In addition, carpet cleaners can also handle small pieces of dirt or pet stains easily. Here in both situations, using carpet cleaners will save a lot of your time and effort.

Both do a cleaning job, though if you are dealing with stubborn stains, it is strongly recommended that you stick with carpet extractors.

So, the main difference between cleaners and extractors is how efficiently they clean the carpet. Moreover, carpet cleaners are helpful for shorter cleaning sessions, while carpet extractors help your carpet maintained for a longer time.

Which one should you prefer?

Now you know the difference between cleaners and extractors. So, for making a choice, you should consider these:

  • How frequently do you need cleaning?
  • Condition of carpet like deeply ingrained stains or for light spots.
  • There are times when carpet cleaners are insufficient to remove the stains, so you need carpet extractors.
  • If you procrastinate cleaning for a significant amount of time, then carpet cleaners may not help.


Undoubtedly, you can use a combination of a carpet extractor and cleaner for better cleaning. However, most expert carpet cleaners widely use the carpet extractor method. Therefore, hire the best by searching for “carpet cleaner near me” when you have decided on cleaning to remove the deeply penetrated residue and stains.

A Useful Guide For Deep Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a daily routine, but the most important thing is doing it the right way and with the help of the right tools. However, most of you must have noticed that you clean your carpet daily, but stains on it are hard enough to remove. So, what is the method of deep carpet cleaning services? How can you get rid of that stubborn stains that deteriorate the beauty of your carpet?  

Well, the most effective method is to hire a Carpet Cleaning Seven Hills professional. But you cannot take the assistance of professionals on a daily basis, so for that follow these tips.

Steps to follow for deep carpet cleaning: 

  1. Vacuuming

Everyday vacuuming is important. When you keep vacuuming as a daily habit, the chances of dirt, dust, and stains reduce. Moreover, you need to make less effort in cleaning your carpet. So, it’s up to you whether you want to clean your carpet daily or delay it and carry it out once a month. 

  1. Cleaning The Stains

Stains destroy the aesthetic beauty of your carpet. It’s like the darkest moments of life. And the worst part about it is that no matter how much you hate it, you can’t avoid it. However, there is still hope to remove instant stains from the carpet by cleaning them with mild detergent. 

  1. Use Quality Detergent

Another important thing while deep cleaning your carpet is to check the quality of the detergent. Make sure you buy the detergent only after looking at all its ingredients, and it should not be harsh on the carpet. Even if you are taking professional assistance, ask about the quality of detergent that they are applying on the carpet to get rid of the stains. 

  1. Use The Dry Machine to Collect All The Moisture

When you are done with the cleaning and stain removing process, next comes the step to dry the carpet. You may require a drying machine to fetch all the moisture out of your carpet. Read all the instructions given on the machine properly to ensure it rises up all the moisture from the carpet. 

  1. Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner

The best step that you can take for deep cleaning of your carpet is hiring professionals who provide long-term cleaning services. Professionals have unique and tested ways to give your carpet a clean and shiny look again. So, taking professional assistance for carpet cleaning can be the best bet. 

Bottom Line

In the end, we would like to say that cleaning carpet at home can be a good idea when it comes to saving money. But when you hire a professional, you save the aesthetic beauty of your carpet and increase its lifespan. So, timely vacuuming and cleaning with detergent will help but hiring professionals for deep cleaning is the most convenient choice.

Why Steaming Is Better Than Vacuuming?

There are several benefits of using carpets in the home, which include it protects your floors, keep your feet warm during winter, and add beauty to your home. Carpet cleaning, on the other hand, is a huge issue for many homeowners, and they are unsure which cleaning techniques are best for their carpets.

However, keeping it clean and dust-free and having professional carpet cleaning Seven Hills once a year is equally beneficial for homeowners.

Difference Between A Vacuum Cleaner And Carpet Steamer

Vacuum cleaners– most commonly used in many houses today. We use it to perform regular cleaning, removing dust particles and small particles from carpets. It is also used for cleaning floors, small areas, stairs, and other parts of the home.

Steam cleaner– there are times when you come across tough stains and notice that simple vacuuming is not enough to handle it. This is where you need stem cleaner for hour carpets. We use a steam cleaner for high traffic areas as well as to remove the toughest stains on your carpets.

Benefits Of Steaming Over Vacuuming

Here are some of the benefits of steaming over vacuuming:

  1. It is easy to use and highly efficient.
  2. Steam and the heat it produces are effective in killing most of the allergy-causing germs and bacteria that are hiding in your carpets. 
  3. It gives you completely disinfected and hygienic cleaning for your carpets.
  4. The steam cleaning is free from chemicals. As it uses steam and heat to clean your home. And, it gives a safer environment for everyone in the home, including kids and elder people.
  5. It not only cleans the toughest stain but also saves your time as you don’t have to wait for it to dry.
  6. Some of the steam cleaner use filter that helps in air purification.

Can We Use A Steam Cleaner Regularly Over A Vacuum Cleaner?

The answer is no; the steam cleaner should not be used regularly. But both are cleaning methods used to clean carpets and floors. However, you should use steam cleaner occasionally for the deep cleaning process. You should be extra careful while handling steam cleaner as setting up is a detailed process, and you need to follow the manual; otherwise, it may hurt you. And of course, if you can afford it, buy both.

Steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner are two different products and used for cleaning purposes. Both types of cleaner are necessary for your carpets. However, use a steam cleaner once every few months to retain the longevity of your carpets. And consider vacuuming very often, like once a week. You can contact anytime considerable professionals to assist you with steam cleaning. We are just a call away!