How To Clean Every Type Of Carpet Stain

You can increase the life of the carpet. When you look after it and maintain it. One should keep in mind that if you will take proper care of your carpet then it will last for a longer period. As the use of carpets in some houses is very rough. It does not matter. 

That’s how particular you are in keeping your carpets cleaned, but some of the other ways the carpets get stained from inside on the outside as well. Sometimes you can see the visible stains of the nail polish and coffee too. You need a Carpet Cleaning Company to clean up your carpet. The basic thing that you should keep in your mind is as soon as the stain gets on the carpet, you should not be delayed in cleaning it and Clean Every Type of Carpet Stain. 

Carpet Stain

Here are a few tips on how you should clean every type of stain from carpets. 

  • Spills of Soft drinks and beverages:

If there is any spill of soft drink then use a dry paper towel to soak all the liquid into it. Then with the help of a vacuum cleaner dry the surface area that is being wet? Avoid rubbing the area of the carpets that will lead the fabric in bad condition. With the help of the dried paper towel absorb all the moisture in it. If the liquid stain is still visible, then use a warm water solution along with the detergent powder. And leave it on the surface of the spill. With the use of a towel soaked in warm water, clean the area and the result would be in front of you that the carpet is cleaned. 

  • Wine Stain cleaning:

The stain of wine on the carpet is quite alarming and you might get stressed? How will the spills on the carpet be cleaned? When you see this spill of wine on the carpet use a damp towel and soak all the moisture that is possible. Make a solution of hydrogen peroxide along with dishwashing liquid and apply for spots. Leave it for 10 minutes on the area of the stain. Let the solution get absorbed into the carpet and with the towel clean the surface. If the stain gets clean then need not apply the formula for the second time. 

  • Removal of pet stains:

If you are having pets in your house, then you would definitely have stains of the pet on the carpets. You can use warm water for the cleaning process of the pet stain remover. But the other home remedy you can use is the detergent liquid along with the warm water with baking soda and soak on the surface. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and wipe up the excess moisture. You can use white vinegar along with the water for better results. With the dry towel remove all the unnecessary liquid from the carpet and get rid of carpet stains.

  • Nail Paint extraction:

Many times, there are spills of nail polish on the carpets that you use in our houses. The best formula to cover up the stains of the nail Polish is to use nail paint remover on the area where the stain is visible. Dip the surface into the non-acetone nail paint remover with the help of a paper towel or dry Napkins. So, all the moisture is removed from it. You will see the nail paint cleaned from the carpet. 

  • Coffee Stains:

Coffee stains can be easily removed from the carpet with the use of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid solution. Apply the solution to the stain of the coffee and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then with a dry towel or paper napkin, soak all the liquid and you will see that the coffee stains are removed from the carpet.